A lovely skein of merino lace-weight [slated to become lacy gloves] has undertaken a long journey, and arrived, slightly felted, MILES past the brilliant jewel-tone teal that was to be its destination.

Where did this dye-job take a wrong turn? Sadly, the culprit was too much yellow, which, with the blue, made an unpleasant green. And though I desperately dumped more and more blue dye into the pot, the yarn simply just wouldn’t budge past green into teal or turquoise. In the end, I resorted to adding red, and I’m moderately happy with the result: a kind of deep marine blue, which I am calling midnight pacific. In fact, upon reflection, and the exercise of winding this skein into a ball, I’m actually quite ecstatic with the result! We’ll see how it looks knit up!


Of course my satisfaction with midnight pacific doesn’t dull my fervor to mix a lovely turquoise or teal – it just shifted that color on to the next project… And next time I guess I will have to do more extensive testing!!