This is some of my first handspun! I spun it from fairly coarse wool roving, which I hand-dyed (you can see the roving in the dyeing process at left. It is 11-12 WPI and 2-ply. I have to eventually learn to spin more finely, to achieve a good sock-weight yarn.

This below is single-ply lace / fingering weight, and another 2-ply. I just finished spinning the 100 grams of this roving, and so I bought 1 lb of softer merino roving. My next project will be to spin enough to knit a project – but I’m not sure yet what; socks? a toque? a scarf? maybe even a sweater, if I spin a fairly bulky yarn? I also will be starting to learn to spin on my mom’s old wheel, so I’ll find out how quickly that will work.