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There are several ways to incorporate beads into your knitting, but this tutorial illustrates how to place beads using a tiny crochet hook.  This is a neat and tidy method which results in beads which sit upright over a single stitch.  It is also the method used in my Photosynthesis Shawl pattern.

– #6 beads
– 0.6mm crochet hook


When using a crochet hook to place beads, you place them individually, just before you knit the stitch. They sit on the stitch, with the entire loop of the stitch pulled through the bead, and then you knit the stitch normally, which locks the bead in place within the work.

09-07-09_placingbeads 029-sm

1. Knit along until you reach the stitch which will be beaded, and stop before you knit it.

09-07-09_placingbeads 030-sm

2. Insert the crochet hook into the bead to pick it up.

09-07-09_placingbeads 031-sm

3. Using the hook, pick the stitch off the left-hand needle, and allow the bead to slide down the shaft of the crochet hook, and over the stitch.

09-07-09_placingbeads 032-sm

the bead is now in place over the stitch

09-07-09_placingbeads 033-sm

4. Once the bead is over the stitch, place the stitch back on to the left-hand needle.

09-07-09_placingbeads 034-sm

5. Lastly, simply knit the stitch (which now has a bead on it) as usual.

09-07-09_placingbeads 037-sm