Photosynthesis Shawl

The Photosynthesis Shawl Pattern is now available for download through Ravelry for $7 USD.  CLICK HERE to buy via Ravelry.

If you are not a Ravelry member, first of all, I highly recommend that you sign up – Ravelry is a unique and spectacular free service for knitters and crocheters – and it’s free!  However, if you prefer not to, you can also request my patterns from me directly, by sending me an email at  I will then send you the pattern directly to your email address, along with a paypal invoice to be paid (which you can pay by paypal, or visa/mastercard).

Hard copies of my patterns are available for purchase in stores at Urban Yarns, in Vancouver and North Vancouver, BC, and online at Any Spun Thread.


5 Responses to “Photosynthesis Shawl”

  1. […] July 12, 2009 How to add beads to your knitting Posted by dampcityknits under knitting, tutorial Leave a Comment  There are several ways to incorporate beads into your knitting, but this tutorial illustrates how to place beads using a tiny crochet hook.  This is a neat and tidy method which results in beads which sit upright over a single stitch.  It is also the method used in my Photosynthesis Shawl pattern. […]

  2. […] a very cute little shop and Anna is very friendly and helpful. I have this ball earmarked to make Emily’s Photosynthesis shawl. I have seen it in both the lace and DK weights and it is beautiful. I only have the one ball so I […]

  3. Susan Sedro Says:

    Lovely! I see on Ravelry that you list a lace weight and a fingering weight. Does the pattern address using both weights? I’ve only knit a worsted-weight shawl so far. I’m hoping for directions that will allow me to use my cone of Zephyr lace-weight yarn. However, I could hold it double if needed. Please advise.

  4. […] where it’s not cold enough for a sweater/cardi, but too cold to be in one layer.  Photosynthesis is the pattern that won.  The entire first part is a 6 row repeat, where half are purl rows, and […]

  5. […] Sunflower shawl Garn Malabrigo Lace Pinne 3.75 […]

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