The Sunflower Shawl Pattern is now available for download through Ravelry for $7 USD.  CLICK HERE to buy via Ravelry.

If you are not a Ravelry member, first of all, I highly recommend that you sign up – Ravelry is a unique and spectacular free service for knitters and crocheters – and it’s free!  However, if you prefer not to, you can also request my patterns from me directly, by sending me an email at  I will then send you the pattern directly to your email address, along with a paypal invoice to be paid (which you can pay by paypal, or visa/mastercard).

Hard copies of my patterns are available for purchase in stores at Urban Yarns, in Vancouver and North Vancouver, BC, at The Purple Purl in Toronto, and online at Any Spun Thread.


One Response to “Sunflower Shawl”

  1. […] of working away dilligently on my Brandywine I also cast on for a Sunflower shawl. What could I do, I had to take advantage of her expertise while I could! This one was […]

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