How to Cable

How to Cable

How to add beads to your knitting

Garter Tab Cast-on

Garter Tab Cast-on to start trianglular shawl

How to Wet Block your Knitting

How to Wind a Center-Pull Ball of Yarn

Knit Decreases: left-leaning, right-leaning, and centered

Examining Knit Decreases: Left-leaning, Right-leaning, and Centered


4 Responses to “Knitting Tutorials + Techniques”

  1. Glana Says:

    thanks for the video lessons, we are very well explained!

  2. Carolyns Yarns Says:

    Hi Emily — Wow, thank you for a very clear description and photos of the garter tab–I didn’t think of it as a rectangle shape running parallel with the long edge of the shawl. Right?

    Thank you for your response – very kind of you.

    Have you ever tried a triangle jacket: one large center back, plus two smaller ones for the sleeves and a rectangle with slanted edges to fill in the gap — add front boarder edge around the back neck and around the sleeves. I might try this concept with a little luck but as a pullover sweater.

    PS: thought you might be from San Francisco / tamp city but i see you are from Canada — great!

    PSPS: nice site — is that you in the pics? Ah youth-charming…oh and the hats look good too.

  3. christine Says:

    im knitting a pair of botties the says purlst together with corsponding st 7 rows below what does ths mean

    1. emilywessel Says:

      Hi Christine; Could you tell me or give me the link of the pattern you’re using? Does it have a gathered edge? I need a bit more information in order to answer your question. Is the pattern on

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