dampcity-handdyed-mohair-lace-molten-closeThese are the yarns which I’ve hand-dyed for a project I am calling Molten. This is the name I am thinking of giving to what will be a pullover which I am designing, knit from a combination of 2 lace-weight yarns; one strand silk and the other mohair.

You can check out the swatch that resulted from my earlier dye test, and below are the final products: an orange-red mohair, and a deep red silk.




I will have to do some more swatches to determine the details of the design. I’m thinking it may incorporate cables, though they will be fairly indistinct, due to the drape, thin and furry nature of the fabric. However, I was inspired by this Steam Scarf, knit by indieknits, and designed by diana gates [see her free pattern here]. I think that the cable pattern is quite beautiful with the open and light nature of the yarn, and it’s an original yarn choice for a cable design.