Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A., published on winter 2006 issue
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet – 75 grams used
90% superwash merino wool / 10% nylon, 50 grams / 192 yds / skein
Needles: US0/2.0mm Knitpicks circular (47″ length)
Size: women’s 8.5-9
Started: December 31 2008
Finished: January 11 2009

The fact that I’ve knit 2 pairs of the same socks in such a short amount of time testifies to the fact that this is a GREAT pattern.  It is the right size, and it’s fun, and not boring to knit.

As for the yarn, Happy Feet is soft and pleasant to work with, and the subtle variegations allow the lace pattern to show through beautifully.  It is a 2-ply, and I didn’t have any problems with splitting.  I believe it will fuzz and pill relatively quickly, but I don’t really have a problem with that.  I am also pleased that this pattern, with such small needles, makes perfectly fitted socks for my feet, and since I used slightly less than 75 grams, and have ~26 or 27 grams left, I will be able to get another pair of socks out of the yarn if I buy 1 more ball, which will make the projects quite affordable.

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A., published on winter 2006 issue
Yarn: Fibranatura Yummy – 100 grams used (284 yds)
100% superwash wool, 130 grams / 370 yards / skein
Needles: US 1/2.25mm Knitpicks circular (47″ length)
Size: women’s 8.5-9
Started: December 16 2008
Finished: January 21 2008

This pair were knit first, and I loved knitting them so much that I had to knit the second pair!  The yarn is lovely, plump and seems very hard-wearing and durable so far.  I’ve worn and washed them at least 5 times, and with use they become a little fuzzy, but still look and feel really good.  I love how the yarn is plumper than the average sock yarn, which I found more pleasant both during the knitting process, and as it creates a slightly heavier, dense sock.


New Projects for the New Year?  Well I did start another pair of Monkey socks…

My knitting resolutions for the upcoming year are:

  1. Enjoy making beautiful things in this beautiful city
  2. Write out patterns for some of the projects I’ve knit up.
  3. Spin more; specifically, dye and spin enough for a sweater, then design and knit the sweater.
  4. Document my finished objects more carefully
  5. Pick up and COMPLETE some if not all of my unfinished projects – at least those projects which are promising.
  6. Knit myself a puppy…  OK – the story is I really want to get a dog, but since I’m moving, and it’s pretty much impossible to find a place in Vancouver that allows dogs, I think that at this point in my life, I’m just going to have to be realistic, and move on.  Thus I figure the solution to my problem is a knitted puppy.

Monkey Socks part deux

belated xmas spinning

belated xmas spinning