dampcity-lacegloves-inprogress1So I have cast on and started knitting the lace fingerless gloves that I have been designing with the midnight pacific merino lace yarn which I hand dyed. I am knitting them from the hand up, so I’ve got so far are little bands which fit around my hand, and tiny little thumb tubes. I will work the increases and decreases, and adjust or embellish the lace pattern as the mood suits me, as I go. The turned ‘hem’ which I’ve incorporated at the hand opening was the trickiest part so far – with the dark, and rather thin yarn, it was very hard to align the ‘live’ front stitches with the cast-on stitches behind in an even manner to knit them together. But it turned out OK anyways.

dampcity-lacegloves-inprogress-magicloopAnother thing that is a first for me with these gloves is that I am knitting them both at the same time, on a long circular needle – a 47″ long US#1 circular needle. But after the fussy cast-on, and the hem was done, it’s gotten easier as I learn how not to tangle my yarns up, and as I get into the swing of the gloves. And the color, which I was initially unsure about, seems very nice in the knitting. But I think that the next time I knit something really fine and lacy I want to do it in a lighter color, a yellow, I think. Yellow lace tank-top? Or Yellow lace cardigan? Something like one of these lovely designs in Lace Style, perhaps?